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Invisalign straightens teeth, adjusts spacing between teeth, and treats bite problems without needing a mouth full of metal braces.The plastic aligner fits over your teeth and is smooth, so it’s comfortable to wear all the time. It’s snug enough to stay in your mouth, yet easy to take in and out. The Invisalign aligner allows you to eat any foods because they won’t get stuck in metal braces. More importantly, you can easily brush and floss your teeth by temporarily removing the aligner.
There are many different brand of aligner in the market. But Invisalign brand have a lot of patency and research inside the aligner. It is the best and no 1 in the market.


  1. Esthetically pleasant, as it is transparent
  2. Comfort
  3. Can remove to eat and clean the tooth


  1. Not suitable for all clinical situation
  2. Depend on the patient compliance

Invisalign go is the simple version of Invisalign which target for the simple tooth movement. It limited from upper first molar and lower first molar. The price is cheaper.

Invisalign full is the full version of Invisalign which target for complicated case. It doesn’t have any limitation. The price range is bigger and depend on the number of aligner.

Our clinic is one of the limited clinics offered both Invisalign IGo and Full. 

Other Services We Provide

We cover a wide range of dental services to reclaim your smile. Reserve a time with us on your need.

Digital Smile Design
Veneer / Crowns
Therasmile Tooth Whitening
Gum Recontouring for Gummy Smile
Gum De-Pigmentation
Laser Tooth Whitening
CBCT scan
Itero Element 5D