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Laser Dentistry

The tooth is divided into two parts: the crown and the root. However, the crown that is exposed outside the gum is called the “clinical crown”. The crown lengthening surgery uses traditional surgery or waterlaser to remove the gum or even the bone covering the teeth, which aim to expose a greater amount of tooth structure (“clinical crown’)around a tooth or group of teeth.

Traditional surgery is an open flap surgery,it removes some of the gum tissue, bone, or both to expose more of the tooth that needs to be covered. In some clinical situation, the dentist can use Waterlaser for the surgery without open the flap.

Common reasons for crown lengthening include:

  • The damaged tooth broke at the gum line.
  • The gumline is too far along the tooth for restorative treatment.
  • There is not enough tooth remaining.
  • A previous crown or filling has fallen off, exposing decay underneath.
  • Gummy smile

Also known as gingival hyperpigmentation, or gingival pigmentation, those brown or black skin splotches that sometimes occur naturally on gum tissue are normally caused by excess melanin, natural pigments also found in our hair and even eyes.

Individuals most commonly affected are those with dark skin. Smoking and long-term use of particular medications can also cause this hyperpigmentation on the gum tissue, but more often than not it’s just the result of genetics. In any case, patient concerns are normally just aesthetic ones.

At the Perfect Smile Esthetic Centre, we use the latest technology Waterlase Laser , to safely and successfully treat these dark gum splotches in a process we call gum-depigmentation. The procedure normally takes less than an hour.

Vital bleaching was first reported in 1989. However, the  technique actually originated over 20 years earlier.

In dental bleaching, hydrogen peroxide diffuses through the organic matrix of the enamel and dentin. Because the radicals have unpaired electrons, they can react with most unsaturated high molecular weight and break it into smaller molecular weight. If the tooth is healthy and intact, dental bleaching is very safe procedure.

The effectiveness of the treatment depends on the shade of the tooth, not every treatment has ideal result. The dentist will use value-shade guide(It have 16 value grades from bright to dark.) to match the shade before the treatment.

The effect of the dental bleaching will sustain around 8 to 10 months , depend on the patient diet and habit.

The dentist will recommend the patient who have the teeth whitening, should be avoided the drink/food that will get stained ( 2 hours for home bleaching, 24 hours of laser bleaching), otherwise, the teeth will get stained again. For the longevity of the treatment, the patient should reduce the coffee/ soft drink. wine.

The patient is also recommended to have good oral hygiene habit.

Other Services We Provide

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